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The Practice

Complimentary Consultation

Let us schedule a time for a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation to go over how we can help you and the process for starting therapy. This is a good opportunity to ascertain that we will be a good fit for you and can meet your needs.

Video Therapy/Telemental Health

We offer video therapy for clients who are too far away from our location to attend in-person sessions. We take care to make sure that the client is a good fit for video sessions. 

Low-Cost/Sliding Scale Treatment Option

We offer low-cost cutting edge evidence-based treatment for a variety of issues. Our doctoral trainees are here to help you. We would like to make evidence-based treatments accessible and affordable to all.  

In Depth Intake Process

At Willow Anxiety & OCD, we know the importance of conducting a thorough intake process which includes getting information about your history and background, and a diagnostic evaluation. An intake of this type ensures we have all the pieces of the puzzle to have a comprehensive picture. This helps us customize a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Insurance/Payment Policy

We are out-of-network for insurance companies. Upon request, we will provide you with superbills (statements for insurance reimbursement) for the treatment sessions, and you may submit them to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement. It is your responsibility to inquire if prior authorization is required and how much your plan will reimburse you. Additionally, you are responsible for completing all the required paperwork for your insurance company.

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