We are passionate about dissemination of evidence-based treatments. For that reason, one of our goals is to provide excellent clinical supervision for students seeking external practicum placements during graduate school, for psychological assistants, and for post-doctoral candidates.
Dr. Jakatdar has several years of experience training graduate students and post doctoral students in the areas of OCD and related conditions, anxiety disorders, body focused repetitive behaviors, and women's mental health issues. She has developed curricula for in-house training and all trainees and employees are rigorously trained before starting clinical work at Willow Anxiety and OCD.
Dr. Jakatdar offers training workshops for clinicians at professional organizations and educational institutions. She also offers trainings the general public on several topics related to her expertise mentioned above. 
Please contact us for training opportunities. 

Consulting Services

We offer consultation services to clinicians in the community. Additionally, Dr. Jakatdar offers consulting services to mental health care start ups and such organizations. Please contact us for more information.
Please contact us for case consultations and consultations for organizations.

Willow Anxiety & OCD

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