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Our Practice Philosophy

In our practice, you’ll find a warm and safe space for addressing your concerns. We teach you new ways to understand your thoughts and behaviors, while supporting you with proactive strategies that you can immediately incorporate into your life.  We are sensitive to the shame and guilt that often accompanies OCD and other anxiety symptoms, and help you to manage your reactions and emotions. You’ll receive the right kind of treatment that offers results.  


We take the time necessary to assess your situation so that we can customize a treatment plan that takes into consideration your values and your lifestyle.  Our sophisticated clinical approach incorporates the latest evidence-based treatment protocols, so you can quickly begin to feel better and experience incremental changes that improve your life.  Our mission is to teach you concrete tools that will help you deal with and manage issues today and in the future.  You will gain a sense of hope and self-confidence that change is possible and your goals are achievable.  


We can help. Stop living in fear and avoiding the situations you most want to experience. The life you want to live IS possible. Call 408-475-1665 or CONTACT US today to find out more about our services.

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