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"I can't thank you enough for all the support that you have given me. Every time I take a step forward to face a difficult challenge you are right there with me. 


Tejal,  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me every step of the way. I am so grateful that our paths crossed. I thought we were training so I could ride the train and fly on airplanes, the ultimate challenge was all the places my dear brother took me, prisons, rehabs, intensive care units, police stations, death, grieving, and now letting go". 


— Former Client, Age - 50s

Olive Branch

"I began my therapy sessions with Dr. Jakatdar at the start of 2017.  After a thorough intake process, we achieved our minimum goals for therapy relatively quickly within a couple of months.  We continued on stretch goals after that.  She was very understanding and supportive throughout the entire treatment, patiently adjusting to my idiosyncrasies and learning how to work with me most effectively.  Dr. Jakatdar helped me understand myself better, how I am different from most people, and how to work with those differences during and after treatment.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking treatment based on cognitive behavioral therapy."

— Former Client, Age - 32

"My first contact with Dr. Tejal happened my second month in the United States, as a foreigner from Brazil. I arrived in the country to live alone and to occupy an important scientific research position in a sector of the federal government of the United States for a period of two years. I already had excellent training in the area for which I was invited to work, having a doctorate and postdoctoral. The position I currently occupy in Brazil requires a series of public presentations. Upon my return to Brazil, to obtain a good professional position in my area, I needed to be ready psychologically to face the rigorous competition. All these issues, as well as the completely new environment to which I was exposed when I first arrived in the United States, made me extremely anxious and distressed and determined to look for help. I have social anxiety disorder. Dr. Tejal, taught me to identify my dysfunctional thinking patters and behaviors related to perfectionism and low self-esteem. Most of all, Dr. Tejal taught me how to deal with these thoughts. Today, I am back in Brazil and my life is like the one I planned, with the work I've always dreamed of, alongside my husband and a daughter. Currently, I feel more prepared to face my anxieties and fears, as well as the frequent changes we have in our lives".

— Former Client, Age - 30s

Almond Blossom

I have worked with Tejal for over 8 years. I came to her when I was 26 because I had been suffering with OCD and it was getting worse each year. I was at the point where it was severely affecting my life and I had trouble getting through each day.  I tried 4-5 other therapists before Tejal and I wasn't seeing the results I had hoped for. Once I started with Tejal I knew right away that I was in the right place. She is professional, thoughtful, and extremely knowledgeable in her field. She is consistent, patient, organized and always made me feel at ease. I knew she cared about me as a person and genuinely wanted to help me get better.  


When I say that Tejal has changed my life, it is an understatement. I don't actually know how to fully express the incredible benefits of being her patient and how different my life is now. Under her therapy and guidance (plus my hard work), I have conquered OCD to the extent that I forget I even have it! That is unbelievable to me!  We also worked together on social anxiety, perfectionism, body image, and self-esteem and I have so greatly improved on every single one of them. I am so grateful to have met Tejal and I would recommend her to anyone. 

Former Client, Age, 34

My experience with Tejal has been excellent. I’ve struggled with severe social anxiety, depression, and interpersonal problems for a long time. I had previously been to a few CBT therapists and didn’t see much improvement. Tejal treated me like a human being and not like a person with diseases. She had a good balance of being directive and backing off when needed. Going from college to becoming a professional was daunting but Tejal helped me through my difficulties and I got the confidence to move forward. We did lots of exposures in social situations and that was the most helpful part of therapy”.

— Former Client, Age - 24

Star of Bethlehem

"Dr Tejal is an accomplished Therapist with deep knowledge of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, theory and practice. I was helped by her in a compassionate and caring way to enable me to overcome certain interaction problems and allowed me to make judicious choices and break out of my compulsions. I would highly recommend Dr Tejal, if you want to have a deeper understanding of motivations behind the processes of therapy instead of just treating them as rituals.

I am grateful to her for teaching me "how to fish" while serving the sessions, so now I am able to manage my therapeutic needs myself by and large, by reading references she provided, and using the techniques I learnt during the sessions".

— Former Client, Age - 47

“When I started seeing Tejal, no therapist had been able to correctly diagnose me. I have OCD and mine was focused on harm to loved ones and sexual obsessions towards my kids. I was horrified by these thoughts. Most therapists focused on my past and continued to reassure me. I kept getting worse. Tejal saved me and gave me my life back. She’s very knowledgable and compassionate. She diagnosed me correctly and did ERP and it changed me life! I had to work hard in therapy but I saw the benefits. Now I can be the mom I always wanted to be”. 

— Former Client, Age - 38


“I sought Dr. Tejal’s help because of her Indian background and her experience with post partum depression. She was able to take into account my background and that was very helpful. At first I thought post partum depression is the same as other depression. But soon I learned how to understand the problem and attack it. Dr. Tejal helped me with my problems related to nursing and how that was affecting my depression and anxiety. She gave me and my baby a new life”.

— Former Client, Age - 29

"I have known Tejal and her work for over 10 years, both as a trainee and as a colleague. As a therapist, she is warm and engaging, while also using treatments that are evidence-based and effective. Tejal has also been a wonderful clinical supervisor to me and others learning cognitive behavioral treatments for OCD and anxiety disorders. She cares deeply about the work that she does and I recommend her wholeheartedly as both a therapist and clinical educator".  

— Amanda Morrison, PhD

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