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Jessica Jacobson, PsyD
Psychological Associate

Jessica Jacobson.jpg

Jessica has earned her PsyD and has an extensive background in education, business development, and life-coaching. Her prior history and excellent training under Dr. Jakatdar over the past year have offered her eight years of experience helping clients work through many of life’s challenges. She has developed in-depth knowledge in treating clients with various anxiety disorders, depression, OCD, body dysmorphic disorder, and PTSD. Her approach is well-rounded and client-centered yet rooted in evidence-based treatments such as CBT, ERP, ACT, and mindfulness. Jessica recognizes and utilizes her clients' strengths and enjoys helping them reach their goals to attain the life they seek to live. Her knowledge, experience, passion, and sincere desire to see her clients overcome challenges is witnessed in her work with her clients.


In addition, Jessica has trained experience working with trauma, family-centered therapy, and learning challenges. She has been a leader for the Youth Crisis Hotline, helped incarcerated youth, volunteered at a women’s shelter, and was a certified elementary school teacher. Over the years, she helped develop programs for teens and young adults who struggled with learning. She helped develop a curriculum for reading, at-risk youth, and transitions programs for high school students. Her goal is to incorporate beneficial approaches to life where people can learn skills-based treatments to better understand how to explore what is important for personal growth.


Jessica is working on the final stages of her dissertation, where she is studying the effects of mind-body modalities integrated with cognitive behavioral approaches for depression. On a personal front, Jessica is the mother of two children. She also enjoys reading, traveling, dancing, skiing, nature, and finding ways to make people smile.

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