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Some common areas for picking, pulling, and biting are – scalp, face, back, neck, arms, thighs, legs, pubic area, eye lashes, eyebrows, nails, toes. These habits can create guilt, shame, hiding, and isolation.

Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors, i.e. Skin Picking, Hair Pulling, Nail Biting

A habit of picking at your skin, at scabs, at pimples

A habit of pulling out your hair

A habit of biting your nails and cuticles till they bleed

Realizing you are engaging in these behaviors after damage has been done and you find it difficult to stop

Engaging in these behaviors when you feel anxious, stressed, or bored

You have made many attempts to stop the behaviors but have failed

How We Can Help:
Treatment – COMB Model And Habit Reversal

We use a behavioral approach to address the body focused repetitive behaviors. We spend some time to understand when and why you’re engaging in these behaviors. And then we work on tailor-made strategies to help you stop picking, pulling, or biting. These strategies come from a deeper understanding of what is maintaining the behavior.


Analysis to understand the following – your thoughts, feelings, where you engage in these behaviors, certain body positions that may make it easier to engage in the behaviors, sensations that are satisfied

Behavioral Tools

Following the analysis, we will work on behavioral tools to address the triggers

Self Compassion

Lack of self compassion


Trichotillomania Learning Center


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Anxiety and Depression Association of America


Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

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