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Randi Brown,
MS, PhD candidate

Doctoral Trainee

Randi Brown.jpeg

Randi is a Doctoral Candidate supervised by Dr. Tejal Jakatdar. Randi has obtained a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is working towards a doctorate at Palo Alto University.


Randi approaches therapy as a collaborative journey guided by methods that are firmly rooted in research. In general, therapy with Randi will involve her facilitating your passage through three phases: 1) clarifying the obstacles getting in the way of living a full and meaningful life, 2) approaching these obstacles with openness, curiosity, and courage, and 3) leveraging new skills as well as empowering you to draw upon your intrinsic resilience and unique strengths to move towards the life you want to be living. Randi views it as a great honor to accompany clients on their journeys of transformation and healing and is wholeheartedly committed to supporting yours with empathy and compassion.


At Willow, Randi looks forward to working with adults seeking support for symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anxiety, and related disorders. Randi has experience providing evidence-based therapy for adults in community mental health, outpatient hospital, and college counseling center settings. Specifically, Randi has undertaken focused training in the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy methods for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and related disorders. She looks forward to continuing to build upon this foundation of knowledge and experience to support clients at Willow through their healing process. Throughout her training, Randi has worked with clients with a great variety of identities including age (18+), sexual orientation, culture, and background. Randi’s graduate research has focused on exploring the efficacy of novel treatments for depression and PTSD. Her dissertation, currently in progress, examines the effects of a specialized method of transcranial magnetic stimulation on different components of treatment-resistant depression.


Randi is excited to be part of the Willow Team and to help support you in your journey toward living with greater vitality and fulfillment. In her spare time, Randi enjoys hiking, kiteboarding, and spending time with friends, family, and her cat.

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