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Katie Flanigan, PsyD
Post-Doctoral Fellow/Psychological Assistant


Katie has a Psy.D degree and recently completed her predoctoral internship at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Care center where she gained extensive experience diagnosing and treating a diverse and high need population ranging from ages 2 to 92.  She is currently a registered Post-Doctoral Psychological Assistant in California, supervised by Dr. Jakatdar.  Katie completed her Doctoral degree in Clinical psychology from an APA-accredited program, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Anaheim. She has a passion for working with clients whose mental health challenges interfere with relationship functioning, clients experiencing parenting challenges, and those facing difficulties related to intergenerational conflict due to differences in acculturation. She has developed interest and expertise in treating OCD and anxiety disorders.

Katie has developed skills in viewing clients’ symptoms in the context of their relationships, cultural background, and individual needs. Through this whole-person approach, she has skillfully guided her clients on healing journeys, managing distressing symptom, thereby increasing quality of life for her clients.  Her clients achieved therapeutic gains using evidence-based practices, such as CBT, ERP, ACT. Katie has a fundamental understanding that the human condition predisposes us to difficult life circumstances that can lead to symptoms of depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and struggles with parenting, among other clinical outcomes. Katie practices with the philosophy that suffering can be transformed into opportunities to live a valued life. Katie has a talent for connecting with clients with warmth, compassion, and empathy.

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