We are very aware of how COVID-19 has upended life for all of us in many different ways. During this time of extraordinary measures like shelter-in-place, we are committed to providing quality care for all our clients. We are offering sessions via teletherapy. Our video platform is secure and HIPAA- compliant and allows us to offer continuity of care. For clients who want to be seen in person, we are offering that option. We are dedicated to creating a safe in-person environment for our clients and staff following CDC guidelines. 


At this time, we will offer low cost therapy for front-line workers battling COVID-19 in our community. Please click here to schedule a 15-min phone consult. If you would like more information about therapy and the process, please visit our FAQ section.

Willow Anxiety & OCD

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center For OCD, Anxiety, And Related Disorders

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